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Questions You Must Ask a Realtor Before You
List or….You Could Lose Big!

Most of us sell only a small number of homes in our
lifetimes. With limited experience in real estate how
are we to be capable of maximizing the profits from
our home sale

How To Ask The Right Questions Before You
List Again!

Your listing has expired and now you’re wondering
what to do. The most important question you must
ask is, “Where did I go wrong?”. The answer is not
usually within you, but with the agent you entrusted.
Be prepared with the right information so you can
interview your prospective agent…

Avoid Mistakes That Could Cost You Thousands

Selling your home can be an exhausting experience.
Last minute walk throughs, inconvenient calls, price
adjustment and the possibility of being stuck with two
mortgages are real concerns. If you are not completely
prepared you…

How to Sell Your Home at the Highest Possible

Making a mistake in selling a home can cost you
hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost profit. Often
home sellers make the same mistakes over and over.
Avoiding these mistakes is easy and takes little time
and effort on your…

Ready To List With A Real Estate Agent?
13 Things Your Agent Must Do To Maximize Your
Profits! Ready to place your home on the market?
Do you understand the process and details of selling
a home? Before you list with an agent, educate yourself
on all the factors that will affect your profit. Be as
informed as possible…